Thursday, June 02, 2011

Limo Design"Willa's Wild Life"


Ahmad Amani said...

Dear friend
My name is Ahmad Amani From middle East.Your works is so great. I like your work.
My book (Math city) has been published 4 month ago on amazon.

For the present Me and Math City are looking to find company(sponsored), where(who) can turn Math city into animation. May your company help me?

A part of Math city
Warning: Beware a minus, called Lying Line, and is prowling about. Stay away from him! You will change to zero if he should find you! This minus is armed with weapons to include a sharp knife and a loaded gun.

You can read Math City on this blog and introduce me better than any explication.

Mathias said...


I'm hoping to see more or your beautiful mid-century design inspired illustrations soon. Do you have a more formal portfolio site with more of your work up somewhere? Are you involved with Willa's Wild Life anymore? Best of luck - Matt

Mathias said...

Congrats on your Emmy btw!